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Naturopathica: Crystalizing Impressions

Naturopathica, a Hamptons NY-based luxury spa and natural beauty company wanted to grow relevance and share of mind and wallet to thrive during the recession. Ideon’s research showed customers were attached to Naturopathica’s iconic blue color. Finding a balance between a compelling visual style around blue and a credible voice and story around organic authenticity was vital.

We used this insight to inspire the new packaging and website design, keeping the iconic blue color while providing a necessary facelift. Our digital imagination vaulted the brand into new e-commerce territory, with a beauty more attractive to women, and a unique voice and focus that speaks with integrity, authority and environmental concern. The result is a bold, honest and direct brand, a refreshed, contemporary category player, with a deep growth focus. Ideon reveres Naturopathica, the little brand that was, and now the minimalist apothecary brand that people know today.

Barbara Close, Naturopathica’s CEO is a fan, exclaiming,"Ideon was instrumental in helping us refresh our brand and develop an outreach campaign brilliantly designed and implemented by CoolGraySeven that was successful opening new doors to grow our business. Andrea and Ideon as well as Andrew and CoolGraySeven have a winning combination of fresh ideas and attention to detail that allowed us to execute a successful strategic branding, marketing and sales plan."

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