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Accion: Inspiring Entrepeneurs

Accion, a global microfinance leader wanted to reach more borrowers by forging stronger lending ties to small US entrepreneurs and drive greater donations to fund global lending operations. Ideon redefined Accion’s brand positioning as a dynamic new “bank” that “solves for poverty” globally and lends up to $350,000 locally to American entrepreneurs.

Finding a balance between a compelling visual style and an effective philanthropic purpose was vital in this global brand revitalization, where current and new customers craved consistency across all channels. We identified insight gems in research and brand strategy, which fed the brand positioning and the verbal, voice and visual expression of the brand. Our logo uses bold color and novel typography, and the “A” resembles an upward arrow, representing Accion’s commitment to elevate people around the world.

The result is a fresh, contemporary, rejuvenated microfinance powerhouse, backed by knowledge and expertise far beyond its prior charitable mission, and gaining share from flashier competitors. Ideon is proud to help this market leader take credit for all they have earned in half a century.

Gina Harman, Accion’s US CEO is a fan, explaining, “Our work with Ideon began about one year ago. The project was to be a simple one, or so we thought. From a recommendation on how to rationalize the use of the Accion brand in the US, the project has blossomed into a worldwide effort. The team has worked through the demands of multiple organizations—not to mention multiple personalities—with care and a steady hand. The ideas are fresh and all of their work is both creative and wonderfully well executed. We are now in the home stretch. As Accion begins its 50th year, it will do so with a worldwide brand strategy, a sharp set of messages and a full marketing toolbox. I can't recommend Andrea and her team highly enough."

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