Ideon elevated Watson Adventures from pioneer to leader status.

Watson Adventures Case Study

The Company—Watson Adventures is a pioneer in the scavenger hunt industry and whose hunts are characterized by an uniquely intellectual, witty and fun personality, whether corporate team building hunts with a dash of culture, public hunts with a twist in museums and great neighborhoods, or private hunts, available in major USA cities.

The Challenge—After an onslaught of high-tech startup competitors came onto the scene, Watson wanted to leverage its brand to its prior top, competitive position.

The Insight—The power of branding to show a business is only as strong as its brand. Based on our analysis, we revealed Watson Adventures owned a business, sense of humor and logo but not a brand.

The 4Cs Shift—We applied our 4Cs discipline to reimagine:

  1. Conversation: Accelerate the speed with which Watson Adventures moved from a mom-pop position into the experiential gaming industry.
  2. Clarity: Placed Watson Adventures firmly in fun, team building activities with a dash of culture vs. boring engagement by competitors.
  3. Currency: Established scavenger hunts as a corporate training tool that made teams connect, learn and laugh vs. plain jane hunts team exercises.
  4. Culture: Maintained a desired consultative advisory role over 10 years to sustain brand compliance.

The Result—Watson Adventures mobilized the brand to scale the business nationally while commanding a higher price point and significant media attention.

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“ Ideon has provided strategic consulting over the last five years to Watson Adventures—specifically helping to grow the business by 25% through a unique type of differentiated brand positioning. Ideon’s work in developing the game industry helped Watson Adventures become the market leader. ”
Tom Watson, Board Member / Co-Founder, Vice Chairman Emeritus Omnicom, Dean Omnicom University