Ideon helped Union Settlement realize the promise of a singular neighborhood.

Union Settlement Case Study

The Organization—Comprising 8 communities passionately supporting underserved residents of East Harlem, Union Settlement Association has served this extensive community since 1895.

The Challenge—Refocus the brand to drive visibility, philanthropy, and effectiveness in the face of significant government budget cuts.

The Insight—The power of branding to move from positions of weakness to positions of strength. Based on our analysis we revealed the Union Settlement’s focus needed restaging from poverty to empowerment, to enable it to punch above its weight and counterbalance government cuts.

The 4Cs Shift—We applied our 4Cs discipline to reimagine:

  1. Conversation: Build US for effective community support that transcends from poverty to empowerment.
  2. Clarity: Establish US as the go-to community partner empowering East Harlem vs. a myriad of nonprofit and government service agencies with individual service delivery imperatives.
  3. Currency: Brand US leaders as the advocates for 26,000 underserved residents of East Harlem vs. its prior quiet voice.
  4. Culture: Train US to educate and give life to the entire community, not just to its own leadership and board.

The Results—The rebranding gives this venerable institution a new face to the world that demonstrates its value to a far wider audience and sends a clear message that Union Settlement and East Harlem are on the rise.

New Logo

Union Settlement logo against brick background

The new logo is fresh and modern.

Annual Report

Union Settlement Annual Report images

We revamped Union Settlement's annual report design so that the most important information stands out.


Union Settlement brochures

New brochures feature key messages and are easy to navigate.

Image Style

Union Settlement clients

We developed a dynamic image style, harnessing the energy and joy in Union Settlement and the surrounding communities.


Union Settlement signage

New signage adorns the community and helps get the word out.


Union Settlement Stationery

We created stationery that is clean and bright.


Union Settlement Website

We also designed an engaging, easy to navigate website in order to help establish Union Settlement as the go-to community partner for East Harlem.

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“ Andrea Katz and her team learned our unique character, strengths and strategic goals and educated us on building our brand. Everyone enjoyed working with Ideon even when there were differences of opinion; their skill in taping creativity and insight was wonderful. ”
Sara Stuart, former Director of Development and Communication