Ideon helped EDC shake up a city bureaucracy.

EDC Case Study

The Enterprise—The Center for Economic Transformation (CET) at New York City’s Economic Development Corporation’s (NYC EDC) is a mayoral enterprise that aims to develop NYC’s major business sectors by implementing policy and programmatic initiatives that address current issues faced by each industry, create good jobs, and promote entrepreneurship and economic diversification across the five boroughs.

The Challenge—Create a brand for a new CET desk to strike a balance between the desk’s role in creating systemic solutions to endemic problems affecting communities, and its purpose to build new business with social impact.

The Insight—The power of branding to simply transform a business. Revealed CET required transformation from reactive implementation of solutions to proactive innovations that would, in turn, help create ‘social entrepreneurs’ ahead of the curve, so CET could live up to its name of being truly transformative.

The 4Cs Shift—We applied our 4Cs discipline to reimagine:

  1. Conversation: Convert the notion of ‘desks’ from bureaucrats to true innovators.
  2. Clarity: Place the Social Capital Desk and CET in the role of enabling businesses to succeed economically and socially, for the greater good of all, more so than before.
  3. Currency: Help deliver on NYDEC’s vision, to make New York City the global model for inclusive innovation and economic growth, fueled by the City’s diverse people and businesses, not just the exclusive track followed by past mayors and bureaucrats.
  4. Culture: Develop a “living” marketing bible to instruct how the desk unites the social sector and powers inclusion vs. siloed views driving most past initiatives.

The Result—A Social Capital desk empowering the non-profit sector and the communities it serves by bringing innovative social enterprise and currency to all New Yorkers. 


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“ I love the name and the pitch deck, not just the language but the focus and the strategic planning Ideon did for us and with us...The more I learn the easier it gets. Thank you Ideon!” ”
Eleni Delimpaltadaki Janis, Vice President, Center for Economic Transformation