Accion rebranded to advance financial inclusion by giving people the financial tools to improve their lives

Accion Case Study

The Organization—Accion, a well-respected leader in global and domestic microfinance, headquartered in Boston with a number of USA affiliates as well as banking partners throughout the developing world.

The Challenge—Accion wanted to rebrand the organization globally, to overcome its perception as a charity and lender of last resort, and its disarrayed internal architecture and affiliation.

The Insight—The power of branding to sync local and global into one powerhouse and activate a single vision. We learned Accion could, once synced, solve for poverty instead of being misrepresented as a charity or lender of last resort.

The 4C’s Shift—We applied our 4Cs discipline to reimagine:

  1. Conversation: Lend and guide customers to deposition all others as merely lenders.
  2. Clarity: Move Accion out of the charity and firmly into the banking business.
  3. Currency: Enable entrepreneurs to gain access capital in a world of increasing poverty and inequity.
  4. Culture: Deliver multiple branding workshops to shift internal behavior to match our brand guidance.

The Result—Accion is now branded as a global microfinance powerhouse, backed by knowledge and expertise that goes far beyond its prior charitable mission, with an imperative to harness the power of digital technology to create a financially inclusive world.

The Services Performed—

  1. Market Research: Qualitative research / Brand equity research / Stakeholder interviews and management
  2. Brand Strategy: Brand platform / Partnership and co-branding strategy
  3. Naming: Naming / Trademarking / Nomenclature
  4. Brand Messaging: Messaging strategy / Messaging Matrix / Copy writing
  5. Brand Design: Logo and identity design / Digital UE and UI / Print and collateral design / Photography /
  6. Implementation: Training / Launch

New Logo

Accion logo

Brand Guidelines

Accion brand guidelines


Accion website


Accion brochures

Environmental Branding

Accion logo pin, sign, on rock

Stationery Set

Accion stationery, paper products

Stationery Set (cont.)

Accion notebooks, calendar, stationery

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“ Ideon's rebranding of Accion was a crucial step in the evolution of the organization into a truly global nonprofit. Since the rebranding, Accion has significantly enhanced its visibility as a major global nonprofit, with numerous new partners on four continents. Ideon's work played an important part in that evolution. ”
Henry L. Miller, Co-Vice Chair, Board of Directors