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Watching the Future

Our vision of The Future—shiny, new and engagingly persuasive—is increasingly defined by the silver screen. From the prescient wind turbines of “Big Hero 6” to the dystopian genetics of “Jurassic World”, movies play a valuable part in urging technology, and humanity, forward. Films such as “Minority Report” introduced facial recognition and virtual reality technologies that are increasingly making their way into the present.

But how do we select which movie visions of the future are worth exploring? “Ex-Machina” could spook consumers about promising innovations in artificial intelligence like Toshiba’s new robot, Aiko Chihira, who is clever enough to act as a receptionist, and Softbank’s virtual companion Pepper, who responds to human emotions. In the strange, two-way street to “Tomorrowland”, technology is now simply sidestepping movies altogether, creating its own, futuristic, virtual reality. Thousands of consumers have already signed up to use Periscope and Meerkat to turn their lives into a Truman Show.

As games and gadgets such as No Man’s Sky and Oculus Rift allow users to endlessly explore rose-colored galaxies, fictional eras to come, and The Future as fantasy, why would anyone want to live in the present? How are visions and technologies of The Future pushing your brand’s imagination?



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