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18 Jun 2020

Should Your Brand Take a Social Stand?

Nike is the latest brand to take a stance following the murder of George Floyd with a provocative twist on their iconic ...

2 min read
23 Apr 2019

Transform—Don’t Deform—Your Brand

Those horrified at the United Kingdom’s destruction of a nation-brand that stood for respectability, stolid reliability ...

2 min read
23 Jan 2019

Making Your Brand King of the New Jungle

A debacle over a Greenpeace ad by UK food retailer Iceland late last year made it clear that the conventional gatekeeper...

2 min read
23 Jan 2019

How Micro-Brands Are Tapping into David vs. Goliath Appeal

Huge multinational corporations that dominate our consumer brand markets have long created the illusion of choice. The t...

2 min read
26 Nov 2018

Whatever Happened to the Publicity Stunt?

Want your brand to go viral? How about a wildly memorable publicity stunt? As we commemorate the 80th anniversary of the...

2 min read
24 Oct 2018

Color Me Compelling

Roman emperors wore robes colored purple with a dye made by painstakingly gathering mucus from thousands of sea snails, ...

3 min read
26 Sep 2018

When Should a Brand Push a Social Stand?

Nike is the latest brand to attract political controversy by featuring Colin Kaepernick in ads celebrating 20 years of i...

3 min read
03 Sep 2018

Brands are Missing Out on Seniors

Brands are missing a trick when it comes to aging consumers. Most brands could justifiably be accused of elder neglect. ...

1 min read
26 Jul 2018

What's Up With Whole Foods?

Whole Foods is in trouble after its acquisition last August by Amazon. Customers and market experts are indicating its c...

2 min read
27 Jun 2018

Democratizing Brands

June brought the tragic loss of two pioneers who brought a populist sense of accessibility to goods that traditionally c...

1 min read
22 May 2018

Deceptive Branding

Branding involves the art of making something as attractive as possible, and packaging is key. But it can quickly stray ...

2 min read
02 May 2018

Branded Holidays

Christmas and Mother’s Day have been boosting retail sales for decades. But now there’s a plethora of other celebratory ...

2 min read
27 Mar 2018

Snarky or Hearty: What’s the Best Tone for Brands?

More and more brands are employing a deliberately snide tone these days, not only to dis their competitors, but even rib...

2 min read
21 Feb 2018

Imagining the Future of Retail

With Amazon determined to airlift your shopping to you by drone in the near future, and the death-knell of the conventio...

2 min read
24 Jan 2018

The Maddening Magic of Going Viral

Brands dream of having a name or concept rise to the prominence of the #MeToo movement—the Silence Breakers who made it ...

2 min read
24 Nov 2017

Benefiting From Disasters

It seems like we’re caught in an endless sequence of natural disasters, and while it’s a delicate matter to be consideri...

2 min read
24 Nov 2017

Joining the Party

The much-discussed gig economy isn’t just for “creatives” and IT experts any more—everyone should Join the Party! Those ...

1 min read
24 Nov 2017

Leveraging Brands for Good

Consumers are increasingly looking to brands, including pop stars, to drive effective social change when governments can...

2 min read
31 May 2017

Overestimating Backlashes

It’s tough for brands out there in cyberspace, where every move, every minute, seems vulnerable to catastrophic social m...

2 min read
03 May 2017

Brands Taking a Nosedive

When bad service meets social media, brands crash fast, which is all too visible right now with US airlines. United is d...

1 min read
06 Apr 2017

Taking a Stand

Brands traditionally shy away from politics, but a new US president has brought so many turbulent opportunities, many ma...

2 min read
25 Jan 2017

Thinking of a New Brand?

With a new year and big changes on the horizon, companies might be considering a rebrand. But a review of 2016’s rebrand...

1 min read
15 Dec 2016

Trusting Brands

More than ever, brand is another word for trust. A drop in trust diminishes the brand, and customer confidence is like m...

1 min read
18 Aug 2016

Managing Bromance (Brand Romance, that is…)

What if the success of your brand depends, in part, on another brand? No matter how tight the relationship might seem, i...

1 min read
29 Jun 2016

Brands Acquiring Brands

Big companies looking to hitch a ride on hot trends often break out the checkbook, like Microsoft’s acquisition of Linke...

1 min read
25 May 2016

Stretching Brands

Attracting new customers with a change in business direction can be great for sales; alienating a large swath of existin...

1 min read
21 Mar 2016

Branding Privacy

As companies profit from sharing data in previously unimaginable ways, brands need to establish trust with their custome...

1 min read
10 Feb 2016

Managing Crises

The #oscarssowhite controversy and threatened boycott of the Academy Awards over lack of racial diversity is the latest ...

2 min read
18 Nov 2015

Tracking Shoppers

With a slow start to the traditionally vigorous Holiday consumer spending season, several brands are distinguishing them...

1 min read
21 Oct 2015

Branding the Future (Part II)

Brands got a gift from the product-placement gods this week as Doc and Marty McFly come alive again in 2015, bringing wi...

2 min read
28 Sep 2015

Viewing Vertically

Staying ahead of media trends means being ready for anything to change—even the aspect ratio in which your visual conten...

2 min read
27 Aug 2015

Sponsoring Festivals

Summer festival season offers brands delicious opportunities to push product to a tightly-packed millennial demographic ...

1 min read
15 Jul 2015

Sporting Viewers

This year’s women’s World Cup final was watched by 23 million in the U.S. alone, generating an estimated 9 billion (yes,...

2 min read
24 Jun 2015

Watching the Future

Our vision of The Future—shiny, new and engagingly persuasive—is increasingly defined by the silver screen. From the pre...

2 min read
19 May 2015

Designing Nations

"No country can go un-branded,” says Vulture Magazine, playfully rating each nation solely on its pavilion at the Venice...

1 min read