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union settlement

Union Settlement: Empowering Harlem

Union Settlement Association, a historically active advocate for its neighbors, has been empowering East Harlem since 1895, but wanted to refocus its brand to drive visibility, philanthropy and advocacy, in the face of government cuts.

Ideon’s brand audit underscored Union Settlement’s need for a new story, visual identity and house style to distinguish itself vs. competing organizations. We revitalized this distinguished brand with a simpler name and repositioned the venerable institution to demonstrate value with a clear message: Union Settlement and East Harlem are on the rise.

Our logo redesign took a busy mix of words and images and reduced it to a stylized two-word graphic, to communicate with non-English speakers. The clean identity embraces Union Settlement’s rich heritage and serves as a call to action, inviting all to get involved, reminding all they are united as one community. Ideon salutes Union Settlement’s launch in October 2014 and the continued enthusiastic response by the East Harlem and philanthropic communities.

Sara Stuart, Director of Development and Communication, is a fan, explaining "Our work with Ideon began two years ago. The project included developing a new brand story and then a new logo and visual identity for Union Settlement. Andrea Katz and her team worked successfully with our board members, program leaders and senior management. They brought great listening, creative and facilitation skills to the project. They learned our unique character, strengths and strategic goals and educated us on building our brand. Everyone enjoyed working with Ideon even when there were differences of opinion; their skill in taping creativity and insight was wonderful. We are thrilled to be implementing Ideon's recommendation and design as we launch the new brand across our agency and reach out to new audiences."

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