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ILA: Championing Literacy

The International Reading Association wanted literacy to become recognized as an urgent global challenge in 2015—and to use literacy to power 21st Century economies and transform lives, especially for those 800 million people who aren’t able to read and learn. That’s why, while IRA was already doing noble work and renaming itself the International Literacy Organization, we identified research gems to reposition the brand as a powerful global thought leader and champion for literacy, carrying this message across the total brand expression.

Our brand positioning, messaging, visual and verbal identity work reflected ILA’s global commitment to a campaign theme to “Make This the Age of Literacy” with a redesigned logo in a bold font and warm yellow color evocative of a new dawn. We combined modern design sensibility balanced with ILA’s brand attributes, creating a nimble social campaign named "Light Up a Mind,” a brand film and a cause website that launched on March 30, 2014. Ideon is raring to see how ILA’s campaign mobilizes a new generation of teachers, educators and global learners to eradicate illiteracy.

Daniel Mangan, Director of Public Affairs at ILA, is fan, explaining “If creating and promoting a strong brand is the way you need to go, you’ll find no better agency to work with than Ideon. The Ideon drill is formidable, from research and analysis and the engagement of stakeholders, to workshops that elicit the brand identity and create the brand personality, including the themes and tone of voice for all future brand messaging. What’s more, Ideon will show you how to implement your new brand and provide you with a comprehensive brand toolkit for your staff.”

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