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Ernst & Young: Articulating Purpose

EY’s Transaction Advisory Services asked Ideon to build brand awareness around its high-growth deal-making strategy and to significantly raise the intellectual bar across all client touchpoints and journeys. The challenge was how to develop an inspiring and active (not reactive) brand story and visual identity under EY’s new corporate guidelines, and to leverage the equity already built in their Capital Agenda.

Ideon elevated TAS from a loosely defined services group to a bold and tangible brand built around the successful outcomes of their work with clients, now known as “Strategy to Success.” We identified gems to propel a new visual expression, messaging and agile content strategy to drive an evolving dialogue with new and existing clients through high-touch marketing across all touchpoints.

Our strategy simplified the purpose of the group, demonstrated its value, and armed TAS with a real brand to compel employees and clients. Seeing a group garner the credit it has rightfully earned is a specialty Ideon is proud to have mastered. We eagerly anticipate how TAS, amidst growing regulations, shines as a beacon of clarity in a muddy world of branded advisory services.

A Branding Director EY is a fan, explaining, “Ideon greatly increased our visibility in the market. They are helping us win new engagements by bringing us a new brand identity and creating a strategy for constant and sustained dialog with our clients and the media.”

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